The dynamics of governance in a family business

Good governance in the family business is central to this Update Course and is only accessible to people active in a board position, as supervisory director or member of the advisory board of family businesses. The masterclass is mainly characterized by doing: under the guidance of an expert in the field of family businesses, you will actively engage in a small group discussion with concrete issues and dilemmas, which you submit to us in advance. If no issues are presented, we work on the basis of short cases. To ensure good interaction, the maximum group size is 6 to 8 participants.


Within the family business, the business is central, just like in any other company. In addition, the role of the family brings a special dynamic in the form of extra strengths but also extra challenges. New generations want to innovate, while tradition and company history matter at the same time. Emotions, family ties and succession issues often come into play. Family dynamics are often complex and an essential factor to be taken into account when supervising family businesses.

How do you deal with this as a director or supervisory director? Which competencies do you use? What do you pay attention to? What should you do and especially not do? To what extent do you interfere with the family? In this masterclass we do not deal with purely business or tax, legal and financial issues. We focus on the dynamics across the boundaries of family, business and ownership.


This Update Course gives you concrete tools and directions on how you can further flesh out your role in the family business, and ask you the right questions to perform your supervisory / advisory role in this type of company with the desired result.

More information and registration

  • Lecturer: mr. Jacqueline van Zwol, Supervisory Board member with three family businesses and partner at Innoo
  • Date: please refer to the Dutch page for the most up to date planning and the possibility to register
  • Start: 16.30 uur        End: 21.00 uur
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Your invenstment: 575 euro excluding VAT, including materials and catering
  • Please note: this masterclass is in Dutch

Are you participating in two Update Courses? Then you will receive a 10% discount on the total participation price. Are you applying at the same time as someone else or do you want to delegate several people from your council? Then you are eligible for a special rate. Please contact us for more information.