Governance Rookie

You are considering becoming a supervisory board member and would like to discover whether this is something for you: what is important in this respect and what requirements do you need for such a position? Our masterclass 'Exploration of the Supervisory Board' gives you the right insights and first look into the profession that is supervision.

Or you have prepared yourself for supervision and have already followed one or more training courses. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find a position as a supervisory board member. Tailor-made guidance and advice are needed in that case. 

a. Masterclass 'Exploration of the Supervisory Board'

The objective of this masterclass is to provide participants with sufficient substantive and practical insight into the supervisory board. Some degree of self-knowledge is crucial: what do you find important, what do you like to do and what are you good at? But it is also important which requirements you set for such a position and which role and/or industry suits you best. This masterclass gives you sufficient insight to make an initial assessment of whether or not a supervisory position is something for you. We work with small groups, giving you enough space to address your questions and dilemmas.


  • What, why and importance of good governance
  • Roles, profiles and competences
  • Important topics and key concepts in supervision


  • Discussion of practical examples
  • Dilemmas and studying best practices
  • Agenda setting and fixed themes 


  • SWOT of personal profile, using a pre-completed survey
  • Making a choice for an industry/sector
  • Useful tips and information when looking for a supervisory position


  • Date: to be determined in 2021
  • Start: 14.00 uur         End: 21.00 uur
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Lecturers: Carla Aalse, Ronald te Loo & Clarien Slot
  • Participation fee: € 895,- excl. VAT, including material, catering and personal SWOT 

The working and thinking level of the participants is HBO+ or WO. During the intake it will be discussed with you whether the starting level is sufficient to participate. The preparation for this masterclass consists of completing the SWOT survey and submitting a resume (approx. 2 hours including conducting the intake). This masterclass is also eligible for Permanent Education points (6 maximum). Ask us for the information for your profession.

Bring a Connection!

Are you applying with someone else or do you want to delegate several people from your board/organization? Then you are eligible for a special discount rate. For more information, please contact us.

b. Counseling

You are a (future) supervisory board member and ready to get started. You are eager to make a contribution to society, trained and educated, and packed with knowledge and experience that you have gained in your career. However, you have not yet found a supervisory position. Or you are ready for a new challenge, but you are having difficulty finding the right one. Questions that arise are: how should I handle it? Which role and which industry suits me best? How will I know if I am choosing the right team? In short, what do I want and what do I need to be successful in this quest? With the help of our counseling you will get the right tools and insights to take the next step.