Grand Course

Four-day unique program, conducted for top supervisory board members and directors in the Caribbean.

The landscape of the supervisory board is constantly changing and moving. The top level also benefits from staying on top of these new developments in order to find and maintain the right dynamics in the boardroom. This special offer brings together participants who have already made their mark in the field of supervision at national and international level.

PLEASE NOTE: admission is only possible on the basis of a personal invitation.

Method: reflection and analysis

Peers reflect on special situations that you encounter in your supervisory practice. In an intimate setting with a small select group, we invite you to interact and reflect on your own experience. The accessible context makes it possible to hold up a mirror to each other about their own role and attitude. You can discuss current cases, analyze them and offer each other handles.

New insights

Exchanging personal dilemmas, ethical issues and how to act effectively in interacting with colleagues in the boardroom often yields surprising solutions and approaches. Sometimes you come to the conclusion that things are as they are and cannot be solved or changed, which is also an insight.

Start: 2021