The unsaid in the boardroom


The unsaid greatly influences decision-making. There does not seem to be any deliberate favoritism, but committee members often strive for cohesion within the council and a good mutual relationship. Since substantive conflicts quickly lead to conflicts that are difficult to bridge, supervisors and administrators prefer to avoid this by softening or not saying something. If they are aware of the effect of the unsaid, new insights emerge and crises are better prevented. In addition, we can learn a lot from things taken for granted or apparently futile. Such as how we determine the agenda or what we share informally in the parking lot after the meeting.

Councils that are aware of the effects of the unsaid can prevent crises and work towards a speaking culture in which the Supervisory Board:

  1. ensures sufficient speaking time without a director to avoid the need for informal conversations;
  2. actively examines minority views, concerns, and perceived problems and risks;
  3. actively examines the relationship between director performance, supervisory board performance and organizational performance;
  4. wants to hear the opinion of the director about the unintended influence and functioning of the supervisory board and;
  5. is aware of the informal hierarchical structure within the Supervisory Board and its influence on decision-making;
  6. is sufficiently aware of the organizational (speaking) culture and the unsaid in the organization by, for example, being "fly on the wall" at meetings and staff meetings.

During this masterclass, Marilieke Engbers will interactively discuss her findings with you and sort out strategies and solutions for dealing with the unsaid.

More information and registration

  • Lecturert: Marilieke Engbers, a.o. program director "the unsaid and decision-making in boards" at the VU (Free University Amsterdam)
  • Date: please refer to the Dutch page for the most actual planning and the possibility to register
  • Start: 16.30 uur        End: 21.00 uur
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Your investment: 575 euro excluding VAT, including materials and catering
  • Please note: this masterclass is in Dutch

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