Update Courses

Current topics for the experienced professional taught by experts on the subject.

For the more experienced supervisory board member who keeps up with time, we have an interesting range of current topics that are covered in our master classes: the Update Courses. Staying well informed about the issues that play a role in society and the boardroom, can help to remain role-retaining, act proactively and have a better grip on the dynamics in the team. Today's society demands that supervisors also consider the social relevance of their choices and apply appropriate norms and values. Permanent education keeps you up-to-date and informed.

The Update Courses are particularly suitable for people with experience in one or more supervisory boards, and the working and thinking level of the participants is HBO+ or WO. There is no further preparation/study load for participation.

Bring a Connection!

Do you participate in two Update Courses? Then you will receive a 10% discount on the total participation price of € 575,- excluding VAT per Update Course. Are you applying with someone else or do you want to delegate several people from your council/organization? Then you are eligible for a special rate. For more information, please contact us.