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You can contact crmLiNK when in need of new professionals for board of directors, supervisory boards and management. In the field of (permanent) education, professionalization, consultation and transformation, we offer specific trajectories and customized training solutions with the best quality, as is also evident from our registration with the Dutch institution Central Register of Short Professional Education (CRKBO). We have a high-quality and special candidate database to put together a diverse and inclusive team for your organization. We work nationally and internationally.
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Our consultants have extensive experience in serving companies and organizations in their search of directors, higher management, non-executives and supervisory board members in the private and (semi) public sector.
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Our programs strike a good balance between theory and practice, putting the personal development of participants first. From orientation to choosing and deepening, our extensive range offers a solution for every need.
crmLiNK has a special bond with the islands in the Caribbean Netherlands. In recent years, several colleagues who are now connected to us have provided various courses, events and activities and courses about good governance. These activities are continued at LiNKCaribbean.
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In addition to search and various training programs, crmLiNK offers additional tools: our Services. For the further professionalization of you and your board.