Supervision in the Cultural Sector

The profession of supervisory board members has evolved rapidly in recent years and is no longer as casual as it used to be. The extra attention in the media about transparency and the emphasis on good governance has increased interest in supervision. In the culture sector, the application of the Culture Governance Code has gained more weight. The Code was already a subsidy condition for most financiers, but the recently updated Governance Code Culture requires more explanation from organizations how they shape management and supervision with "apply and explain". The complexity of governance in the cultural sector is also increasing. For this reason, the 'Supervision in the Cultural Sector' course has been developed.

Being well informed and well prepared ensures that you, as a supervisor, know what issues you may be confronted with in a cultural institution, what you should pay attention to and what attitude contributes to an effectively functioning board. In short, a certain substantive knowledge about good governance issues with specific attention to the cultural sector provides a good basis.

'Supervision in the Cultural Sector' consists of four modules of two half-days each and is a collaboration between crmLiNK and Dutch knowledge platform Cultuur + Ondernemen.

More information and registration

  • Date: For the most up-to-date planning, please visit the Dutch page
  • Start: 14.00 uur         End: 21.30 uur
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Target group: supervisory board members and directors of theaters, museums, production companies, art centers, libraries, funds and other types of cultural institutions (eg performing arts, development institutions and festivals).
  • Lecturers: all have experience as supervisory board members and can therefore give a realistic insight of how things work in practice in the boardroom.

This course is also eligible for Permanent Education points (20 maximum). Ask us about the possibilities. For more information about the program, costs and how to register, please visit the Dutch page.