Governance Basics

Today, good governance is more important than ever and a solid foundation of knowledge and skills is crucial for every supervisory board member. Governance Basics is a course in which you are well prepared for the various facets of a position in the supervisory board. There are fixed program components in which you are provided with information that we believe every supervisory board member should be aware of. Furthermore, this training has a number of modules in which you can choose what best suits your personal needs.

Design and approach of Governance Basics

Personal attention for the participant is a key element to us. We therefore work with compact groups of up to 12 participants max. During the intake, which precedes the start of the process, we determine together with each participant what his or her personal learning goals looks like. The program consists of 6 modules:

BASIC MODULES (5): a fixed offer consisting of various themes that are mandatory for every participant.

OPTIONAL BLOCK FINANCE BASICS: for those who do not have finances in their daily practice or who need to refresh their knowledge, there is the option to follow this optional block. This provides step by step the necessary basic financial knowledge to understand the issues involved in financial supervision.

FINAL MODULE (6): This will reflect on the learning process, a keynote speaker will discuss a current governance theme and the participants will receive their certificate.


For the most up-to-date planning, please refer to the page in Dutch or contact us. 

Target audience

Governance Basics is a learning trajectory intended for people who aspire a supervisory position, but also for (starting) supervisory board members who want to expand and deepen their knowledge. A third group consists of directors and (statutory) directors who want to better understand the dynamics with their supervisory board. The working and thinking level of the participants is college and/or university graduates. During the intake it will be further investigated whether your starting level is sufficient to participate in the programa. It is also possible to earn Permanent Education points with this program (33 maximum). Do not hesitate to ask us about the options for your specific profession.

Study load

The learning trajectory covers approximately 10 to 12 weeks and has an estimated study load of up to a total of 50 hours, which means an average time load of just over 4 hours per week. Of this 50 hours of study load, 35 hours of contact hours and the remaining 15 hours are intended for personal study time. Contact hours include the time of the (interactive) lectures and work groups. The remaining hours consist of: going through literature and study material, homework assignments, psychological test and discussion of the results with the test psychologist, drawing up or adjusting your resume plus preparing and making the exam.

Your investment

The fee for participation is € 6.250 including teaching materials, catering, the test and the accompanying report. Because of our registration with CRKBO (a Dutch organization, the Central Register of Short Professional Education), Governance Basics is free of VAT. You may also be able to deduct (part of) your training costs from your (income) tax, ask your advisor about this. Payment in installments is also possible.


Are you signing up with someone else at the same time? Then you are both eligible for a one-off discount of 10% on the total participation fee of Governance Basics. Or do you want to delegate several people from your board/organization? A special rate applies. Various financing and payment arrangements are also possible. For more information, please contact us.

The schedule and costs for participation on the website are current and leading above any previously mentioned information in emails, brochures and other communications.