About crmLiNK

You can contact crmLiNK when in need of new professionals for board of directors, supervisory boards and management. In the field of (permanent) education, professionalization, consultation and transformation, we offer specific trajectories and customized training solutions with the best quality, as is also evident from our registration with the Dutch institution Central Register of Short Professional Education (CRKBO). We have a high-quality and special candidate database to put together a diverse and inclusive team for your organization. We work nationally and internationally.

Connecting people, Redirecting careers, Managing your own future

crmLiNK is there for companies and people who want and must go along with this time of rapid change. A company will survive if it has a sharp eye for the spirit of times, is able to move and adapt, and is therefore not overtaken by competitors. The context in which highly qualified personnel within large companies can function successfully, is also rapidly changing. These changes are currently going fast and have far-reaching consequences. This requires a new generation of employees. Individuals who want to evolve and do not want to see themselves along the sidelines, must tap into their own talents and show proactive behavior.

Changing labor market

crmLiNK was established to assist companies and individuals in this age of major change: this is the age of disruption. The labor market will be organized differently in the coming years in a rapid pace. The war for talent thus becomes a completely different struggle, both for companies (as a talent demand) and for individuals (as a talent provider).

The type of talent sought by companies is changing drastically through technological development, robotization and changing paradigms. The time span in which companies want to attracht and retain their existing talents will become increasingly shorter. Companies will strive for shorter rather than longer employment contracts, including their current and future excellence. Fixed is converted into long-term flexible.

Non-generic matching and education

crmLiNK works for companies and individuals who are fully aware of this age of disruption we are living in. We are active in non-generic matching and change management, and we offer non-generic permanent education. crmLiNK does not do "more of the same", thinks outside the box and comes up with surprising solutions. crmLiNK stands for diversity and inclusion. For those who feel an impending total change (disruption), we are the right partner!