LiNKCaribbean Database

Caribbean Boardroom Talent: a database with board ready candidates for positions at both executive and non-executive level.

In the field of good corporate governance, we see that more and more public recruitment and training of supervisors is taking place. We often heard from companies and participants of training courses that they would like more choice when there is a vacancy (e.g. a supervisory director, member of the supervisory board or director/director) in their organization and they need candidates who match the local mores. and know case histories. The talent is there and with this database we want to make this talent findable for companies in the Caribbean. The talent database is filled with professionals who aspire to a position at the top level and will be available to companies that have a vacancy in their boardroom. Search agencies can also get an account. This for a minimal fee; there is no profit motive and the revenues are used to keep the platform going. Candidates who wish to register must meet a number of profile criteria and qualifications in order to be admitted to the database. The ambition is to give an extra impulse to broadening, refreshing and expanding the talent pool with boardroom professionals on the islands.

Good governance, good supervision and transparency are preconditions for a company to add something to society and make an impact. You want to nurture, safeguard and keep knowledge of governance on the islands up to date, and with this platform we make a group of professionals more visible and findable for the boardroom. Young talents also come into the picture, who add something different and contribute to more diversity at the highest level.